Thursday, October 10, 2013

bonspeed Wheels Offers custom Sized Sizes For Any Application

Our customer needed 20X16 for his massive Mickey Thompson tires.
Did you know that bonspeed Wheels can custom build virtually any size wheel you may need.

We offer many custom rim widths for your application. Each rim is cut, sized, welded, straightened, ground, polished and cleaned.

This 1957 Chevy needed custom sizes for the best fit possible and we made him
18X6 fronts
20X16 rears

What do you need?

bonspeed Wheels Offers Shops and Builders a Wheel Test-Fit Program

Have you ever wondered how top builders always seem to nail the wheel fitment? How they get the wheels in tightly and have that car sit just right?

First, they choose bonspeed Wheels and our expert fitment advice, They also choose us for our

The test fit program allows you to get  your wheels before they are welded so you can try them on for size.

• Order your wheels and estimate the possible backspace.
• We build your wheels with a regular production time and when done
bonspeed will press fit them in rims (NO WELD).
• You pay $50 for each test fit wheel plus any shipping.
• You can mount a tire on the wheel and although you can turn the wheels
you can by no means drive on them!
• Once you test fit the wheels you let us know if any changes are required to the backspace or rim width.
• You return the wheels and we polish or powder coat them, assemble and ship the finished wheels back.
• Remember you will be responsible for any damage and you will be charged ant=y outstanding balance due before the tests are shipped.

bonspeed calls this Insurance for a perfect fit!

Supercharged Z06 Chevrolet Corvette Has Bonspeed Jag-XXX Wheels

This is one bad Z06 Corvette with a supercharged motor, carbon fibre hood and special paint. The wheels are the bonspeed JAG-XXX, which is the JAG-X with bolts all around. The finish is flat black with polished flat caps.

We fit this car with 19X10 front and 20X13 rear, because the car needs lots of rubber!

bonspeed Wheels Offers Flexible Lay-A-Way Program for Custom Wheels

bonspeed Wheels offers a number of payment terms, but our flexible Lay-A-Way plan is becoming very popular. The plan allows you to pay over time and not use your valuable credit.

Just place an non-refundable deposit of $500 and you have up to 12 months to pay. Pay as much or as little as you want and when you have paid 50% we build your wheels and when paid 100% we ship them.

Call today for the details or to get started and there is never any fee for our Lay-A-Way program.
714.666.1999 or 1.888.1999.7258

Tec-9 Camaro by Mitch Henderson Custom Features bonspeed DELTA-V Wheels

The customer painted these with a 3-tone paint job
About a year ago at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Mitch Henderson and his crew debuted this righteous 1969 Camaro named Tec-9.

Among the oh so many killer body mods, metal work and the interior and driveline, the wheels were awesome. The shop, Mitch Henderson Designs in Texas decided if they wanted a winner they needed to use bonspeed wheels.

The wheels we built are called DELTA-V and vary from our normal DELTA by having a larger flange that makes the rotors look huge.

The wheels are 19X8 front and 20X10 rear, but the guys at MHD detailed them out with 3-tone custom paint. The car has now seen road miles and time on the road course.
The Tec-9 Camaro with bonspeed custom painted DELTA-V wheels
bonspeed is known for perfect fitments and they worked with MHD to get it done.

Hot Tip From Bonspeed Wheels - Keep Your Shine With RIM WAX

Keep your wheels looking their absolute best with RIM WAX. The special formula is ideal for your premium billet forged wheels that have a polished finish.

The Rim Wax has very little abrasive that will scratch the fine surface, but it has waxes that protect from water spotting, road grime and brake dust.

Wipe it on and wipe it off each time you wash your car and the wheels will maintain the shine so  much longer.