Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Challenger SRT8 2010 2011 With bonspeed Pony Wheels

The new Challenger SRT8 is one bad pony car and it deserves a special wheel.  One of our customers chose to bolt on a set of bonspeed "Pony" style wheels.

This screaming Yellow beauty is supercharged and has 20X8.5 in front and 20X10 in the rear. The tires of choice are Pirelli 245/45/20 and 275/40/20 respectively.

Highlighted with the optional Color Forged™ black inserts it looks great on the car with black stripes.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2010 Camaro SS with bonspeed Big Block Style Wheels 20X10

Here it is the Hot Rod Magazine- 2010 Keystone Beer Camaro SS.  The car was built by Steve Strope and the guys at Pure Vision Designs in Simi Valley, California.

The car features bonspeed "Big Block" style wheels with polished hoops and flat texture gray centers.
The dramatic road race look is courtesy of 20X10 wheels on all four corners. bonspeed was able to fit these wheels perfectly without any rubbing!

Friday, June 17, 2011

bonspeed's 600+hp Ford GT & 1971 Pro-Touring El Camino

If you own a Ford GT it should have bonspeed wheels, just like this one!  We have all of the correct info to set up the car and maintain perfect specifications.  We worked with the Ford engineers to get it dialed in!

The front is 19" and the rears are 20" with bonspeed polished GTb wheels.

Friday, June 3, 2011

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Monday, May 23, 2011

bonspeed GTb Wheels on a 2011 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Scott Grimes of Omaha owns this GTb equipped ZR1
The new Corvette ZR1 is one mean super car.  These Corvettes with the giant blue brakes, supercharged engine that peaks through a glass hood is hard to top.

bonspeed just topped one off though!  This ZR1 is tough and it's black and blue, but not from fighting that is just the great look on those bonspeed GTb wheels.

Here is the set up on this Vette:
Front: 19X10
Rear: 20X12
Style: bonspeed GTb
Gloss black centers and hoops with ZR1 blue pinstripes.

bonspeed can set up your Corvette or exotic, call us to discuss your specific needs.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

bonspeed's 1971 Pro-Touring El Camino

The bonspeed El Camino is no new project for the company.  The owner of bonspeed Wheels has owned this muscle car since 1978! The car has been daily transportation, a drag racer, show car and now a high-tech pro-tourer.

Shown here at the GoodGuys Auto Cross in Del Mar, California it now handles better than ever.

The El Camino has the latest in aftermarket equipment including:
• BAER 6p brakes and 13" rotors on all four wheels.
• Hotchkis tubular a-arms and front sway bar.
• A Currie fabricated 9" rearend and Carrera
coil-over shocks.
• Sanderson Shorty headers and a Magnaflow
stainless steel exhaust.
• Energy Suspension motor mounts.
• Quick Fuel Technology Carb.
 • bonspeed "MEDUSA" style wheels;
18X8 (front) 18X10 (rear)
BFG 245/40/18 (f) and 295/35/18 (r)

The El Camino at Hot Rods by Boyd in 1993.

Like all long-term project ours has been revised
and updated many times.  Even today it is ready for a wheel upgrade and will soon get a new set of bonspeed "VINSPEED" style wheels.  The new wheels will be 19X8 and 20X10 for yet another look.

The photo at right shows the El Camino when it was completely rebuilt from the frame up at Hot Rods by Boyd.  In case you do not know, Boyd Coddington and Brad Fanshaw (bonspeed owner)
were business partners.  The El Camino was placed in the hands of the team at HRBB.  It is shown here just two stalls from Eddie Van Halen's- Van Hauler pick-up and Wilt Chamberlin's modified sportscar.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1969 Mustang on bonspeed 19" & 20" Huntington Wheels

When Craig Waltjer called bonspeed Wheels and knew what he wanted.  Craig had a 1969 Mustang fastback and he wanted it low, he wanted it mean and he wanted 20X10 Huntington style bonspeed's stuffed under the fenders.

As you can see from the photos, Craig got his wish.  This beauty is red and low and the 19X8 and 20X10 bonspeed Huntington's fit perfectly.

The secret to Craig's fit is both bonspeed customer service and dedication to detail.

From the photo here you can see one of the pre-fit photos to ensure that ride height and fit are ideal.
Craig utilized the bonspeed "Test-Fit" program. You order your wheels at the backspace you think is close, then when they are done bonspeed will pre-assemble a front and a rear.  The wheels are shipped un-welded, allowing you to mount a tire and test the fit.  This is used frequently by professional builders who want perfection.  The customer then decides if they are correct or if an adjustment is required.  There is an extra charge for this, but at bonspeed we call it cheap insurance!

Here is another shot of the Mustang in the build phase, no guess work here.  bonspeed's "Test-Fit" program ensures the perfect set-up and is another way we help the pro's and garage guys get the right wheels.

Call our tech line at 1.888.999.7258 for pricing and details on the test-fit program.

1969 Mustang Fastback

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2010 Bad Black SuperCharged Corvette Z06 with bonspeed Jag-XXX Wheels

Mark Grimes of Omaha, Nebraska is a hard-core car guy, if you cut him he bleeds motor oil. You see Grimes has had a bunch of street machines including two that have won "Street Machine of the Year"

Last summer Mark was getting ready to go out on Power Tour so he bought a new Z06 Corvette. Wait we are talking about a guy who loves custom cars and blowers so he did way more than polish the Z06.

First Grimes ordered a fully functioning crabon fiber hood.  Then he painted a cool flat black stripe down the center for attitude.

The car was lowered to reduce wind drag and under the hood a Magnusson super charger was added.  Can you say crazy fast and lots of horsepower?  From the front all you see is the giant pre-cooler down in the nose. To get rid of the exhaust a free flowing stainless system was bolted on.
Now to the best part; getting all that power to the ground. Grimes burns the rubber wrapped around the bonspeed Jag-XXX style wheels.

FRONT: 19X10 with a 7" backspace

REAR: 20X13 with a 9.50 backspace

The Jag-XXX bonspeed wheels are ColorForged™ with Flat black centers and gloss black hoops. The chrome bolts and polished flat center caps accent all that black.

From the back you can see how nicely the experts at bonspeed set-up Mark Grimes Z06 Corvette. You do not get any better fit of a massive 20X13 than this!
How do you make a car this bad even badder and better?

Add a bonspeed Wheels windshield sticker!

Have a Corvette that needs custom forged billet wheels, then call our tech desk for the best set-up at 1.888.999.7258 or outside the USA 714.666.1966.


1968 Pro-Touring Camaro with 18" bonspeed T-Rex Wheels

This 1968 Camaro is a resident of Los Angeles,
California, but it is no commuter car.  The car was
purpose built to look great and handle even better.

The car was set up by owner Danny Mahelka and he added Tubular A-arms, CPP Disc Brakes and Detroit Speed mini tubs out back.

The expert bonspeed Wheels tech desk assisted Danny with his fitment on the custom machined
forged billet wheels.

The Camaro is outfitted with bonspeed T-Rex style wheels.

In the front are 18X8 wheels with a 4.50 backspace.

Stuffed under the rear of this super clean Chevy are 18X11 wheels with a 6.50 backspace.

Do you have a pro-touring car that needs the expert advice to get this kind of perfect fitment?
If so call us toll free 1.888.999.7258 or outside the USA 714.666.1966.


Mitch Henderson's Hot Rod 1937 Ford Roadster with bonspeed DELTA Wheels

Mitch Henderson is from Texas and this young gun has always gone big.  Building a hot rod was no different. When he started cutting on this 1937 Ford roadster he was out for bear.

Mitch told us that he wanted to build a hot rod with attitude and some serious stance.

As you can see when the air-ride is fully bagged he achieved what he wanted.

The bonspeed DELTA style wheels accent this bad boy Texas roadster. With 18X8 up front and 20X10's in the back the car sits perfect. The back wheels have huge lips with a 4" backspace.

Adding to the hot rod's looks is the gold-tone ColorForged™ centers and polished outer hoops.

Mitch can cruise this '37 under the Texas sky knowing that no one
will mess with Texas or his killer hot rod!

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