Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2010 Bad Black SuperCharged Corvette Z06 with bonspeed Jag-XXX Wheels

Mark Grimes of Omaha, Nebraska is a hard-core car guy, if you cut him he bleeds motor oil. You see Grimes has had a bunch of street machines including two that have won "Street Machine of the Year"

Last summer Mark was getting ready to go out on Power Tour so he bought a new Z06 Corvette. Wait we are talking about a guy who loves custom cars and blowers so he did way more than polish the Z06.

First Grimes ordered a fully functioning crabon fiber hood.  Then he painted a cool flat black stripe down the center for attitude.

The car was lowered to reduce wind drag and under the hood a Magnusson super charger was added.  Can you say crazy fast and lots of horsepower?  From the front all you see is the giant pre-cooler down in the nose. To get rid of the exhaust a free flowing stainless system was bolted on.
Now to the best part; getting all that power to the ground. Grimes burns the rubber wrapped around the bonspeed Jag-XXX style wheels.

FRONT: 19X10 with a 7" backspace

REAR: 20X13 with a 9.50 backspace

The Jag-XXX bonspeed wheels are ColorForged™ with Flat black centers and gloss black hoops. The chrome bolts and polished flat center caps accent all that black.

From the back you can see how nicely the experts at bonspeed set-up Mark Grimes Z06 Corvette. You do not get any better fit of a massive 20X13 than this!
How do you make a car this bad even badder and better?

Add a bonspeed Wheels windshield sticker!

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1968 Pro-Touring Camaro with 18" bonspeed T-Rex Wheels

This 1968 Camaro is a resident of Los Angeles,
California, but it is no commuter car.  The car was
purpose built to look great and handle even better.

The car was set up by owner Danny Mahelka and he added Tubular A-arms, CPP Disc Brakes and Detroit Speed mini tubs out back.

The expert bonspeed Wheels tech desk assisted Danny with his fitment on the custom machined
forged billet wheels.

The Camaro is outfitted with bonspeed T-Rex style wheels.

In the front are 18X8 wheels with a 4.50 backspace.

Stuffed under the rear of this super clean Chevy are 18X11 wheels with a 6.50 backspace.

Do you have a pro-touring car that needs the expert advice to get this kind of perfect fitment?
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Mitch Henderson's Hot Rod 1937 Ford Roadster with bonspeed DELTA Wheels

Mitch Henderson is from Texas and this young gun has always gone big.  Building a hot rod was no different. When he started cutting on this 1937 Ford roadster he was out for bear.

Mitch told us that he wanted to build a hot rod with attitude and some serious stance.

As you can see when the air-ride is fully bagged he achieved what he wanted.

The bonspeed DELTA style wheels accent this bad boy Texas roadster. With 18X8 up front and 20X10's in the back the car sits perfect. The back wheels have huge lips with a 4" backspace.

Adding to the hot rod's looks is the gold-tone ColorForged™ centers and polished outer hoops.

Mitch can cruise this '37 under the Texas sky knowing that no one
will mess with Texas or his killer hot rod!

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