Friday, November 9, 2012

Body-Dropped Toyota 4Runner on bonspeed Quasar Wheels

Our customer John Miller built this bad to the bone Toyota 4Runner that he debuted at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This body-dropped bad boy has all the tricks, incredible paint. The 1999 4Runner rides on bonspeed 20X8.5 Quasar wheels on all four corners.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

1972 Chevelle on 22X8.5 and 22X12 bonspeed Liteweight Wheels

A customer in the Atlanta area is rolling on 22" bonspeed LiteWeight wheels and his car is sitting perfect. This 1972 Chevelle has been mini-tubbed and had the rear narrowed to accept the 22X12 wheels that have a 4.25" backspace that provides the massive lip. On the front he went 22X8.5 and used the bonspeed set-up for backspace.

Thanks to Whips by Wade on Facebook for shooting the photos at a local car show!

Here is some video of the car that shows the motor and interior.

Monday, October 15, 2012

VW Micro Bus on bonspeed 18" Wheels

A 1960 VW micro bus with polished bonspeed Big Block Wheels

Now for something entirely different, a 1960 VW micro bus. Some people ask us at bonspeed if we can build a set of wheels for their car or truck, we say yes!

Here is a customer in Texas that had us make him a set of 18" bonspeed Big Block wheels for that low down look.

Panther Pink Plymouth Barracuda with 18" bonspeed SuperStar Wheels

18X8 and 18X10 bonspeed SuperStar Wheels compliment this 'Cuda

This is from the two 'Cuda Klann family and this bright Panther Pink convertable is striking. The car is a fresh resto-mod that when completed added a second Penstar car to the driveway and another set of bonspeed Wheels.

Front or back this Plymouth makes a statement.

Friday, October 12, 2012

BadAss 1969 Mustang Fastback 19" & 20" bonspeed Wheels

Christiana Muscle Cars built this 1969 Mustang with 19X8/20X10 Huntington's

Christiana Muscle Cars began building this 1969 Mustang Fastback several years ago. When they began to set the cars ride height Brad worked with them to get the ideal fitment. Working with our "Test-Fit" program they were shipped the wheels unwelded so they could be sure they had the ideal backspace.

The bonspeed "Test-Fit" program allows builders to ensure the perfect fit before they have the wheels finished. The builder orders the wheels and pays an additional fee for the program and the shipping charges. Brad calls it insurance and they way to set up the car you have spent so much time building.

Evan a 19X8 spare is housed under glass.

With the wheels properly fit, the guys at Christiana returned the test-fits to bonspeed.
Then we added the ColorForged© black centers, polished the hoops and welded them.

This car has won so many awards, much because of the stance and ideal fitment of the wheels.

The wheels on the Mustang called "Project Nasty" are bonspeed Huntington's and feature a semi-gloss black center with polished hoops and caps.

The ultimate fit is a 19X8 front and a 20X10 rear.

Built to be driven, for sure!

Built by Christiana Muscle Cars:
Erich Bollman 1.800.248.9522
New Castle, DE


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1969 Corvette With 18" bonspeed Huntington Wheels

Corvette with bonspeed 18" Huntington Wheels

With just the right amount of modifications this Corvette sits just right with the 18X8 and 18X10 bonspeed HUNTINGTON wheels.

The customer decided that he wanted something other than the polished finish so they opted for the Brushed/Clear centers with polished hoops and caps.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Buick Grand Sport GS Skylark with bonspeed 17" Rodak Wheels

The 1972 Buick Skylark is one nice muscle car, but when it has the Stage 1 GSX option it is a beast. This beauty is from a customer Leo Bezaire in Canada who choose to use the bonspeed RODAK wheels in 17X8 and 17X10.  The wheels have an optional black ColorForged© finish.

We can help fit your Buick just as nice, just call our tech desk.


Call us at:1.888.999.7258   or outside the USA    714.666.1966

1936 Ford Hot Rod bonspeed SuperStar Wheels Street Rod

When Jim Peterson of San Diego, CA wanted a set of wheels that would accent his extremely nice 1936 3-window hot rod he went for bonspeed Wheels. His black beauty is sitting on a set of our 3D machined SuperStar wheels. The cat has 18X7 front and 20X10 rear.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1966 Chevelle With bonspeed Malibu Wheels 18X8 and 20X10

1966 Chevelles are classic street machines. Now with the high-tech suspension parts available you can make them handle too.

This two-tone '66 has all the right stuff like an leather interior, smoothed body and bonspeed Malibu wheels.

bonspeed Malibu Wheels
REAR: 20X10
CONTACT US: 1.888.999.7258
or 714.666.1999

1992 Ford Ranger Body Dropped on bonspeed Wheels

If you like mini-trucks, body-dropped trucks or cool cruising trucks then this Ford Ranger has it all.

Ronnie Wells built this cool green ride to be low and clean the smoothed truck takes the simple lines and makes it eyecatching. Ronnie chose the bonspeed Laguna wheels for his ride so it would look good and ride right.

bonspeed Laguna Wheels
REAR: 18X7
CALL US: 1.888.999.7258 or 714.666.1966

Square Body Caprice/Impala on 24" bonspeed Sweeps

The mid 70's Chevrolet Caprice and Impala's have gained a huge following. If you cruise any urban area it is likely you are going to find some nicely customized cruisers.

bonspeed is always working with customers to see their dream cars become reality. Cars like this Caprice that rolls the streets of Miami Florida.

bonspeed SWEEP Wheels
FRONT: 24X8.5
REAR: 24X10
CALL: 1.888.999.7258

1965 Buick Riviera with bonspeed Laguna Wheels

David Archer's bad black Riviera with bonspeed Laguna's
Buick Riviera's have always been cool and have made excellent sleds. Our customer David Archer has this low riding Riviera painted flat black and low, low, low!

The wheels are Color Forged© bonspeed Laguna style. The small spoke are painted flat black and the larger ones have been left polished.

FRONT: 20X8.5
REAR: 20X10

Thursday, July 19, 2012

bonspeed Racer 1 Wheels on Buick Grand National

bonspeed Racer 1 wheels 20X8.5 and 20X10 on Buick Grand National
Our customer Greg Martin set up his Buick Grand National with bonspeed RACER 1 wheels in 20". The RACER 1 is one of bonspeed's pro-touring wheel styles.  Greg had his Racer 1's done in an optional bonspeed ColorForged© semi-gloss black with polished ball mill area.

Racer 1 in optional Smoke Titanium finish

Racer 2 shown in optional Brushed/Clear Center