Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1969 Mustang on bonspeed 19" & 20" Huntington Wheels

When Craig Waltjer called bonspeed Wheels and knew what he wanted.  Craig had a 1969 Mustang fastback and he wanted it low, he wanted it mean and he wanted 20X10 Huntington style bonspeed's stuffed under the fenders.

As you can see from the photos, Craig got his wish.  This beauty is red and low and the 19X8 and 20X10 bonspeed Huntington's fit perfectly.

The secret to Craig's fit is both bonspeed customer service and dedication to detail.

From the photo here you can see one of the pre-fit photos to ensure that ride height and fit are ideal.
Craig utilized the bonspeed "Test-Fit" program. You order your wheels at the backspace you think is close, then when they are done bonspeed will pre-assemble a front and a rear.  The wheels are shipped un-welded, allowing you to mount a tire and test the fit.  This is used frequently by professional builders who want perfection.  The customer then decides if they are correct or if an adjustment is required.  There is an extra charge for this, but at bonspeed we call it cheap insurance!

Here is another shot of the Mustang in the build phase, no guess work here.  bonspeed's "Test-Fit" program ensures the perfect set-up and is another way we help the pro's and garage guys get the right wheels.

Call our tech line at 1.888.999.7258 for pricing and details on the test-fit program.

1969 Mustang Fastback