Thursday, September 16, 2010

Strange Ford Falcon with bonspeed Brushed Big Block Wheels

Under a sinister sky sits this super sano Ford Falcon, it is a contrast to the rusting factory.  Tim Strange at Strange Motion built this fast Ford a few years back to be showcased at the world famous SEMA show in Las vegas, Nevada.  To set the car apart Tim had bonspeed whittle some Big Block style wheels finished in brush/clear finish.
bonspeed "Big Block" Brushed/Clear Finish
 This year (2010) the car was blown apart and rebuilt after being driven for several years.  When the crew at Strange bolted it all back together, Tim and Carrie hauled it to Detroit for the Autorama. The screaming yellow zonker wowed the crowds at the show like it was just out of the shop for the first time.
Not just a pretty face the chassis is a hand fabricated tubular set-up 
From the late-model drivetrain, to the quick-change rearend and full tubular chassis this is a Falcon that flys high! Strange built this car to handle, drive and perform like a modern gt racer.  A liberal use of brushed metal is the perfect juxtaposition to the bright yellow paint.

These incredible images of the Strange Ford Falcon are by the renowned van traveling, lens-meister John Jackson from Texas.
We like this guy because he shoots crazy good photos, but because he also has a great eye for wheels.  Watch for many more of his pics on this blog!


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